Are you looking forward to experiencing an unforgettable super romantic time with your partner?

I’ve never been able to stand boring gifts. I’ve never enjoyed receiving a scarf, a phone, or a sweater for a special occasion.

I’ve always believed that memories were the most eternal and precious gift of all.

Love, where’s that blue sweater you gave me for my birthday three years ago?

I threw it away, darling, it was all worn out.

Can that happen with a memory? With a moment? With an emotion?

I don’t think so.

Today, we have everything we need at home, and we never know what to give as a gift.

My gifts are all like this, memorable dinners, a quick getaway to some special location, maybe super romantic. I want them to be eternal, so that my wife never has to wonder: which closet is it in?

That’s why I’ve thought of two very special packages: Romantic Getaway and the exclusive Luxury for Couples.

To allow you to give a memory that is eternal, not another object to clutter up closets.

Here at Borducan, we don’t have solutions for families with children, we don’t have meeting rooms for boring business meetings, and we’ve chosen to focus only on couples who want to spend time together in peace.

It wasn’t an easy choice, it was tough at the beginning, but over time, the satisfaction of our customers has truly surprised us.

I don’t deny that there are some who think I’m completely out of my mind for not allowing children in the hotel.

Among the most popular proposals is the package I’ve designed with my collaborators, an all-inclusive package to escape from the routine.

Arriving at Borducan really feels like stepping into another world, finally you can forget about your routine and the troubles of normal days.

No schedules, no rushing to boring appointments, none of that. A real break.

Love Getaway

Luxury for a couple, a romantic night