Love Getaway

Do you know why we all need a Love Getaway every month?

Let me tell you about it below, and you’ll also discover why I named this package Love Getaway and what not to do if you want your romantic weekend not to end in tragedy.

Every time I book a room somewhere, whether it’s for a weekend or for a longer period, I always look for places that impress me at first sight.

I don’t want it to be a mundane place, and often in search of that something extra, I end up making some beautiful blunders.

When I think about it, I don’t have any benchmarks, I always go by feeling. The only thing that helps me somewhat in making the selection is whether this hotel has a Booking score higher than 9.

Luckily, we have a lot of positive reviews and we are well positioned, always among the best hotels in Varese.

I look at the photos, read the worst reviews, go to the website to see if I can book directly to save them the commissions, see how the restaurant is positioned on TripAdvisor, and finally make my choices.

It’s never easy, and honestly, I always feel like I’ve played roulette. I’m never 100% convinced that I’ve made the best choice.

The fact is, on a normal evening, you can afford it.
Everything changes if you have to celebrate an anniversary or an important birthday.

Have you ever seen what was supposed to be an unforgettable evening turn into a nightmare?

It happened to me, and it’s really depressing.

Moreover, I have the fault of doing this job since I was born, and every time I go to hotels, I can’t help but look for ideas for my work.

I look for strengths to implement with my staff and also weaknesses and mistakes that must be absolutely avoided.

So my wife has gotten used to this by now and doesn’t pay attention anymore. On the contrary, she knows it, and we always play and joke about it!

Of course, everyone can make mistakes, make light of things, and not fully meet the needs of customers, but what annoys me the most is when I find myself faced with disorganization and a generally uncared-for environment.

Since I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it, I’ve put down the 3 warning signs that should make you run away from a Romantic hotel, even before booking, if you don’t want to put your love story in crisis:

1. They prominently display rooms and services for families with children on the website and in the reviews they write that it’s a perfect hotel for families.
In other words, you’ll find yourself among children running around the restaurant hall, or diving into the pool without anyone supervising them and crying like crazy at all hours.
If you’re lucky, they won’t get attached to you and you won’t find them in front of you every two minutes pulling your shirt to play with them.

They have meeting rooms and often hold conferences for companies.
There’s no doubt, you’ll find yourself in line at reception for check-in, among a group of insurance agents in suits and ties talking about last night’s fling and the turnover they made last month. Nothing sadder. At dinner then, besides the two of you eating at a table alone, you’ll find the group of conference attendees eating at one long table and shouting all evening, talking about the usual topics mentioned above. Surely by the end of the evening, you’ll know how the World Cup went in Russia and you’ll know the names of all the players Juventus wants to buy this summer.
The problem is that you won’t have heard your wife’s voice all evening.

3. They have a prominent section on the website dedicated to organizing parties, banquets, and weddings.
Do you want to find yourself in the middle of a party, while in the room next door, a group of English hooligans celebrate a wedding screaming and drinking beer all evening? I really don’t think so, so avoid these places like the plague.

Now you know what to avoid, but I can tell you more.

If you’re reading these words, it means you’re in the right place and you’ve found the solution to your perfect Romantic weekend.

Here at Borducan, we don’t have solutions for families with children, we don’t have meeting rooms for boring business meetings, and we’ve chosen to focus only on couples who want to spend time together in peace.

It wasn’t an easy choice, it was tough at the beginning, but over time, the satisfaction of our customers has truly surprised us.

I don’t deny that there are some who think I’m completely out of my mind for not allowing children in the hotel.

Among the most popular proposals is the package I’ve designed with my collaborators, an all-inclusive package to escape from the routine.

Arriving at Borducan really feels like stepping into another world, finally you can forget about your routine and the troubles of normal days.

No schedules, no rushing to boring appointments, none of that. A real break.

That’s why I called it Love Getaway. It must be a getaway for two, where you can find your balance again and have time to chat freely without commitments and limits.

After all, the secret of a couple is all here. Finding time for yourselves and in those moments growing and evolving your relationship into something new.

Otherwise, after 2 years, we would all be back single and happy!

That’s really how your love story risks ending if you don’t dedicate time to it.

We all need time, and so do our relationships.

The leading causes of divorce are:

¥ Misunderstandings
¥ Speaking ill of your partner behind their back
¥ Lack of intimacy
¥ Being physically distant and not showing the affection felt
¥ Inability to resolve conflicts

The common thread is always the same:

Lack of communication and lack of time together.

Yes, because if enough time were spent together, alone, talking, all 5 problems listed above would be solved.

I’m certainly not a psychologist, and Borducan is not a cure for divorce, I don’t mean that, but if you’re looking for a place to cultivate your relationship and where you can win back your partner every time, Borducan is just what you need.

Really, I’ve traveled a lot, but I can’t think of any other place where I would take my wife if I weren’t here working every day!

Back to your evening…

If you want to win over your sweetheart once and for all, this is the package for you.

But what does the Love Getaway package include?

– Candlelit dinner in our wood-paneled room with a tasting menu choice between meat or fish
– Overnight stay in one of our rooms of the type of your choice
– Breakfast at our buffet overlooking the lakes

I’ll be waiting for you at Borducan, cheers!


All that’s left is for you to check the website and verify your date by clicking the button below.

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