Dolce Varese, The Typical Dessert

At the end of the 1930s, one of Varese’s most renowned pastry chefs, Antonio Zamberletti, known to all as Carlo, decided to create a typical dessert that would represent the city and its territory. He noticed that unlike other Lombard realities, there wasn’t a typical sweet dish representing the area. He wanted it to be something simple, almost homely, starting from its shape.

Made from ground almonds, eggs, hazelnuts, starch, sugar, yellow and white flour, cornflour, wheat, and some secret liquor aroma to give it an even more delightful flavor.

The result was a soft, light, and fluffy cake, rectangular in shape with typical bumps covered in powdered sugar, a very simple dessert to be eaten at any time of the day, excellent for breakfast or as a snack, complementing a great cup of tea, or as a traditional dessert.

Once made, the product could be stored for several days. The grooved mold and the packaging, with a carefully chosen paper, were a further imprint of what, from then until today, has become one of the most representative symbols of Varese.

The specially designed paper by Gianfranco Ravasi, a friend of Zamberletti, was meant to give even more prestige to the product along with the famous golden thread that wrapped around it.

For the city of Varese and its inhabitants, it’s a true must-have: it’s possible to easily buy it in pastry shops, bakeries, cafes, and some important local supermarkets, always made following the traditional recipe.

Here at Borducan, we wanted to combine two symbols of the city of Varese: its historic dessert and the Caffè al Sacro Monte, a symbol of another era, of other times, of another life, of beautiful memories.

Crafted with a recipe that’s been around for a while, the Varese Dessert we bake right in the Borducan Café kitchen is a tribute to our city and to a sweet history that shouldn’t disappear.

We have the classic flavor, to carry on the tradition beloved by the citizens; we’ve created the salted caramel flavor, which makes this dessert slightly moister and much more tasty (and indulgent).

But the story of the Borducan Varese Dessert doesn’t end there. Every Christmas, a new, different flavor is baked, telling a bit of our story. Among the flavors created are candied orange with dark chocolate and Borducan Elixir, perhaps the one that has been most loved by our customers because it unites two centuries-old stories: the Varese dessert and the Sacro Monte Elixir.