Elixir Borducan

The secret of two worlds, two lands, two flavors, enclosed in a liqueur: “the Borducan Elixir.”

There’s no better way, in a country like Italy, to experience its history through flavors, aromas, and scents.

It might seem strange, of course, “history is read in high school textbooks,” you might think. Sure, notions, information are learned there, but there’s something, an element, a pinch of magic, that no book can ever give you.

History is made of dates, events, but also of those sensations, atmospheres that only the aromas of the Bel Paese can give you.

One of the most important events in Italy is precisely the secret enclosed within the Elixir, a unique liqueur, original and typical of the Sacred Mount; a distillate of incredible history and aromas.

The Elixir is the child of Davide Bregonzio and the unification of Italy.

In 1860, this young man from Varese decides to join the “mille” and embarks for Sicily.

Davide, as a job, extracts from herbs and flowers the unique medicinal properties they contain and makes medicines, oils, and essences; he is, in short, a respected herbalist in Varese.

You can imagine the enchantment that grips him when he arrives in Sicily and is overwhelmed by the perfumes of an almost enchanted land.

After participating in the mission that forever changed the history of our country, Davide decides to move to Algeria, where the enchantment continues. Here, he falls in love with the intensity of the local oranges, so much so that upon his return to the Sacred Mount, only one thought obsesses him: he wants to find a way to unite the incredible experience just lived with his origins, his past.

Thus was born “the Borducan Elixir.” By combining the scent of orange with the aromas of the natural herbs of the Campo dei Fiori of the Sacred Mount. Merging the energy and intensity of those distant lands with the peace and tranquility of the Sacred Mount.

After managing to distill himself, his just-lived experience, the union of two worlds in a liqueur, Davide decides to create a place where all this meets, at the end of the path of the Rosary Chapels of Santa Maria del Monte.

And it is precisely here, at Borducan, that the Elixir finds its ideal home, the perfect place to be savored and to make those who taste it live the full meaning of that journey, that mission of which Davide is so proud.

This traditional place passes from generation to generation until it becomes what it is today, an enchanted corner, overlooking directly the splendid panorama of the lakes of Varese, Monate, and Comabbio, where Davide Bregonzio grew up.

“I do everything myself, from choosing the ingredients, to extracting the essential oil from the orange peel, to preparing the syrup in the cauldron my grandfather used, with the same six 50-liter barrels he used,” declares Bruno Bregonzio, Davide’s grandson.

It is in this sentence that the spirit that still animates Borducan today is encapsulated, which, after several adventures, reopened in 2000 and is now a hotel with 9 rooms, restaurant, and cafeteria, where you can still taste that same liqueur and feel the same energy as Davide.

How to Drink the Elixir at Borducan

In accordance with Davide’s wishes, the Elixir is not for everyone, nor can it be consumed in any ordinary manner.

First and foremost, you must enjoy its aroma and then sip it slowly. Bruno Bregonzio, Davide’s nephew, never hesitated to decline a second glass if he saw that the tradition of the Elixir was not being followed and it was being consumed hastily, as if it were any other liquor.

Each sip is an unrepeatable experience, a moment, an instant that encapsulates Davide’s entire life.

Therefore, to honor the tradition, before sipping the Elixir, allow yourself to be intoxicated by its scents of orange and special herbs from Campo dei Fiori. Then, take a very brief first sip just to moisten your lips, a second sip to feel the journey to Sicily, and the rest, always slow, to experience the return home and its aromas.


The best way to experience a sunset at the Sacro Monte di Varese: The Elikir

The history of the Elixir is the story of a journey and one of the best moments to enjoy it is the union between the sky and the earth: the sunset.

This is why we looked for an ingredient that could join the Elixir in the same perfect way in which orange and aromatic herbs had once mixed in perfect harmony.

We have travelled, explored, tasted, savored, enjoyed dozens of sparkling wines and we have chosen the best to complete the tradition: Liberty sparkling wine.

We chose it because it turned out to be the most suitable to combine with the Elixir, for its perfumes and its dry mouth. From this combination was born Elikir, the perfect aperitif for the sunset on the Sacro Monte.

His magic formula:
In a white wine glass or flute, two centiliters of Elixi embrace ten centiliters of Spumante Liberty. A bitter orange peel is thrown into the glass and decorates it, giving it its finishing touch.